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There are several ways to get support for Elphel products:


If you would like to know more about Elphel cameras, we would recommend you to start with Elphel Wiki - the source of the most current information.


If you are interested in current development projects at Elphel, curious about what we will be offering in the future - you can get the answers on our Development Blog

Mailing list

The way to ask a technical question is to post it to our discussion list (started on September 23, 2009), you can read about this mailing-list and subscribe to it on the elphel-support info page.
The Message Archive is available at

The contents of this list, all user postings and replies are released under the GNU Free Documentation License, version 1.3 or later , by posting on the support list you agree to the license terms.

IRC chat

Elphel IRC channel ( provides real-time technical support if there are developers available at the moment.

Elphel IRC logs archive (you may use Google search by adding your keyword to this link)

Sales questions are answered by email and phone, you may even send us a fax message or stop by - details are provided on our contacts page.