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You may connect to #elphel channel on and possibly get a live support from one of our developers or some other user. If you never used IRC before and do not have any IRC clients installed on your computer you may download Xchat2 - it is available for GNU Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems. Start this program, select Freenode in a server list and enter #elphel as a channel to join.

If you do not have IRC client installed you may try web interface to IRC (interface description)

If you use Mozilla-based browser (i.e. Firefox) there is an option to connect to Elphel IRC channel with ChatZilla. If you have it installed you may just click on the link.

Logs of the #elphel IRC channel are available for online browsing.

IRC logs are converted to HTML by the modified scripts created by Marius Gedminas ( We changed them to use with XChat, added filtering out of the small daily logs and added mask for processed message types - so the posted logs do not contain user IP addresses or other personal information - just user-selected nicknames and message text.

The source tarball for our modified version of the irc2html scripts is here