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Elphel, Inc. was started in 2001 to provide high performance cameras based on free software and hardware designs. Freedom of the users of Elphel products is our top priority - we value and protect it with the GNU General Public License that covers all the Elphel software and hardware designs. In 2011 CERN Open Hardware License became available for hardware products and since then Elphel cameras are distributed under CERN OHLv1.1 or newer.

This freedom extends from the convenience of the out-of-the-box usage of the cameras with the intuitive GUI to the possibility to modify any parts of them. It protects user right to create and distribute derivative products based on our designs, products that may be suitable for the applications we had never thought about ourselves.

Elphel Team

Andrey N. Filippov has over 25 years of experience in the embedded systems design. Andrey holds a PhD in Physics from the Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology. He worked for the General Physics Institute (Moscow, Russia) in the area of high-speed high-resolution, mixed signal design, application of PLDs and FPGAs, and microprocessor-based embedded system hardware and software design. In 1995 Andrey moved to the United States and in 2001 started started Elphel, Inc. with the purpose of designing and manufacturing Open Hardware and Free Software Digital Cameras. His vision for the open devices is to outperform the proprietary ones and be the leader in the field of high-performance cameras. As a lead engineer at Elphel Andrey has been designing and manufacturing digital cameras for variety of applications, including robotics, machine vision, aerial photography, document scanning, stereo and panoramic imaging. Camera designs include model NC323L camera for Google Bookscanning project and camera modules integrated into Google panoramic camera for Streetview. Universities around the world, Chinese Academy of Science Institute, NASA, National Laboratories, companies like Spawar and SpaceX are among the customers of cameras designed by Dr. Filippov and manufactured at Elphel, Inc. Andrey writes about current projects on Elphel development blog.

Oleg K. Dzhimiev Graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, in 2006, earning a Master's Degree in Applied Physics and Mathematics. Oleg had worked at the Institute of Precision Mechanics and Computer Engineering, Moscow for 2 years and joined Elphel in 2008 as an Electronics Engineer. Among other projects Oleg is responsible for creating firmware for Elphel network cameras and extension boards (Verilog), creating web-based User Interfaces for network cameras systems and applications (Ajax – Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), image processing related to camera calibration, measuring and correcting aberrations and distortions of lenses (Java), creating image post-processing workflows (Ajax, LAMP, Shell scripting). He has been working with various digital image formats like JPEG, DNG, TIFF, JP4 (Elphel), etc. and has gained substantial experience with digital image sensors work principles and properties. Oleg writes about his work on Elphel Blog.

Olga S. Filippova graduated from Moscow Institute for Architecture in 1996 and received Masters of Architecture degree from University of Utah in 2000. Olga has been with Elphel from it's foundation in 2001 as co-founder, logistics and operations manager, assisting with commercial decisions, PR, exhibitions and trade shows, design of Elphel office, and camera manufacturing. Olga writes on Elphel development blog.

Alexandre G. Poltorak is a Free Software and GNU/Linux expert. He has founded his first FOSS company in Geneva, Switzerland in 1999, and since then he has formed many specialists within Free Software community and actively participated in He is also member of the board of LSM ( Alexandre has largely contributed in partnership network of professionals around FOSS creating new companies & products and has developed many new ideas.

Having an in-house experience of Elphel's hardware, Alexandre recently developed his own comprehensive product - 3D4π - a fully integrated panoramic & stereo-photogrammetry solution which enables creation of geo-referenced panoramas and 3D point-clouds based on Elphel Eyesis-4π & PHG camera series.

Alexandre's role, at Elphel, is to promote Elphel's business model, and to build up solid and productive relations with Universities, FOSS community & partner networks.

Hobbies: advanced knowledge in block chain technology and 22 years of practice in traditional Karate, Alexandre holds a 3rd Dan.


Smaller quantity orders are assembled directly at our Salt Lake City Elphel Inc. office.

For bulk orders we rely on our manufacturing partner Newonics Inc. - an ISO 9001 certified facility also located in Salt Lake City.

Every camera - no matter where it was assembled - is verified and performs a set of tests to ensure flawless operation (FPGA tests, memory read/write tests, testing all peripherals image sensor test pattern verification, etc.) at the Elphel office. After it successfully completed a 24h "stress test" it is packaged and ready for shipping.



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