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Elphel 353 Camera Brochure

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NC353-PHG is the NC353 series network camera with a calibrated M12 (S-mount) lens and thermally compensated (<0.03um/°) sensor front end intended for use in the area of photogrammetry.

  • Calibrated fixed lens to compensate for the lenses distortions
    • 10" (0.1 pix) in the center 80% x 80% area
    • 30" (0.3 pix) maximal error over the full FoV
    • <0.03um/° thermal expansion
  • By default the fixed lens is focused on ~4-∞ m
  • 5MPix, 1/2.5", color or mono MT9P006 sensor
  • Full HD video (1080p@25fps)
  • Ethernet: 100 Mbit/s
  • Recording formats: Quicktime, OGM, JPEG image sequence, JP4 RAW image
  • Free Software and Open Hardware
  • User/developer friendly: HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CGI, C/C++, Verilog

Custom modifications (e.g., 12V) are available for all products. Please send your inquiries to or call 801.783.5555x107