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10393 series


10393 series are high performance network multi-sensor (multi-)camera systems designed to be as flexible as possible for a wide range of machine vision applications:

  • Free Software and Open Hardware
  • 100% Free Software (GNU GPLv3) FPGA image processing and compression
  • FPGA image de-warping (distortion correction) and robust multiple view depth extraction coming soon
  • User/developer friendly: Python, PHP, JavaScript, C/C++, Verilog, CGI
  • Operating System: OpenEmbedded GNU/Linux (Yocto build)
  • Hardware:
    • 5MPix or 14MPix, 1/2.5" format sensors
    • Xilinx Zynq 7030 SoC - Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 + FPGA, 800MHz
    • RAM: 1GB (system) and 0.5 GB (fpga) DDR3 memory
    • 1 GB NAND Flash
    • 1 GigE
    • μSD
    • m.2 SSD
    • μUSB2
    • eSATA+USB2 - 2-in-1 port
    • 4x sensor ports - routed to FPGA, each reconfigurable for general multi-purpose use
    • External sync port
    • support other extension boards (IMU, GPS)
    • WiFi: through a USB WiFi adapter
  • Power:
    • 18-75V or 12-36V
  • Performance:
    • Low latency streaming (1080p@30fps - ~35ms + transfer & display)
  • Without lens or adapters:
    • WxHxL: 40x45x123 mm
    • Weight: 215g
  • User Manual
  • SDK (for fpga or c/c++ development, a lot of things can be implemented with just Python, PHP and JavaScript)
  • more info
Custom modifications (e.g., 12V) are available for all products.

Product table

Model name Description 3D model
  • single sensor
  • optional: internal SSD, IMU, GPS
  • single sensor
  • internal SSD
  • single sensor
  • internal SSD
  • IMU: ADIS16375 (inquire about other models)
  • Quad sensor stereo, 3D reconstructed scenes demo
  • included:
    • 4x sensors
    • calibrated camera and lenses (thermally compensated sensor front ends)
    • internal SSD
  • optional:
    • GPS receiver, IMU
  • 1-4x sensors
  • optional: internal SSD, IMU, GPS
  • 4x sensors
  • 3D printed parts
  • optional: internal SSD, IMU, GPS


MNC393. Customizable multi-sensor cameras. Learn more.


  • 3D printed parts - our template or modified by customer
  • Base parts made from aluminum
  • Based on the new 10393 system board (see NC393-CS)