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Interface board
Expands capabilities with:
  • SATA port
  • 2 CF card slots
  • USB (4 ports)
  • RS-232
  • 2 channels of optoisolated I/Os for synchronization
  • Clock/calendar with super-capacitor backup power

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Available adapters:

103691 Adapter/riser to connect one or two Compact Flash cards.
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103692 Adapter for the ZIF-type (flex cable connector) 1.8" HDD.
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103693 USB type A (host) connector adapter mounted on the back panel of the Elphel Model 353 camera.
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103695 Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) adapter board (for ADIS-16375/ADIS-16405).
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103696 Serial GPS with synchronization signal adapter board.
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