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This page lists Elphel papers and other papers, patents, PhD/MS/BS theses that use or reference Elphel products.
Links to the full text publications are provided where available.
Year Citation/link Comments
2019 Filippov, Andrey and Dzhimiev, Oleg "Long Range 3D with Quadocular Thermal (LWIR) Camera" arXiv preprint arXiv:1911.06975 (2019). Elphel publication
2019 Markov, Aleksey and Polyakov, Sergey and Sun, Bо and Lukin, Valeriy and Popov, Sergey and Yang, Huigen and Zhang, Tijun and Cui, Xiangbin and Guo, Jingxue and Cui, Penghui and others "Polar Science" Used Ephel camera in experimental setup
2019 Campbell, Andrew, Alan Both, and Qian Chayn Sun. "Detecting and mapping traffic signs from Google Street View images using deep learning and GIS." Elphel cameras for GSV referenced
2019 Díaz, Hernán Porras, Duvan Yahir Sanabria Echeverry, and Johan Alexander Ortiz Ferreira. "Tendencia mundial en tecnologías de sistemas de mapeo móvil implementadas con láser." Elphel Eyesis referenced
2019 Nebiker, Stephan. "Stereo Image Capturing System." U.S. Patent Application No. 16/070,120. Elphel Eyesis referenced in the "Description"
2019 Grässer, Christian, et al. "Enhanced position measurement systems and methods." U.S. Patent Application No. 10,168,153. Elphel Eyesis referenced 4 times in "Other publications"
2019 Luo, Z. C., et al. "The Role of Plastic Strain on the Delayed Fracture Behavior of Twinning-Induced Plasticity Steels." Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A (2019): 1-11. Used Ephel camera in experimental setup
2018 Filippov, Andrey, and Dzhimiev, Oleg. "See far with TPNET: a Tile Processor and a CNN Symbiosis." arXiv preprint arXiv:1811.08032 (2018). Elphel publication
2018 Jakovčević, Toni, Marin Bugarić, and Darko Stipaničev. "A STEREO APPROACH TO WILDFIRE SMOKE DETECTION: THE IMPROVEMENT OF THE EXISTING METHODS BY ADDING A NEW DIMENSION." Computing & Informatics 37.2 (2018). Used Elphel stereo camera
2018 Cui, Xiangbin, et al. "The First Fixed-wing Aircraft for Chinese Antarctic Expeditions: Airframe, modifications, Scientific Instrumentation and Applications." Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics 23.1 (2018): 1-13. Used Ephel camera in experimental setup
2018 Lancaster, Jessica Michelle. "Utilization of Depth-Enabled Identification and Tracking System to Identify and Track Individual Pigs and Analyse Individual Pig Activity." (2018). Used in experimental setup
2018 Kulper, Sloan A., et al. "A novel fracture mechanics model explaining the axial penetration of bone-like porous, compressible solids by various orthopaedic implant tips." Journal of the mechanical behavior of biomedical materials 80 (2018): 128-136. Used Ephel camera in experimental setup
2018 Luo, Z. C., et al. "The effect of deformation twins on the quasi-cleavage crack propagation in twinning-induced plasticity steels." Acta Materialia 150 (2018): 59-68. Used Ephel camera in experimental setup
2018 Anita Havele. "Design Printing and Scanning: Web3D Makers Making More!" BOF Presentation at SIGGRAPH (2018). Demonstrated multiple Elphel X3D applications
2018 Jackson, Joshua Conrad, et al. "Synchrony and Physiological Arousal Increase Cohesion and Cooperation in Large Naturalistic Groups." Scientific reports 8.1 (2018): 127. Used Ephel camera in experimental setup
2018 Echeverry, Duvan Yahir Sanabria, Hernán Porras Díaz, and Johan Alexander Ortíz Ferreira. "Tendencia mundial en tecnologías de sistemas de mapeo móvil implementadas con láser." AVANCES: Investigación en Ingeniería 15.1 (2018): 204-230. References Elphel Eyesis4pi camera
2017 Abdelsalam, Dahi Ghareab, and Michel Stanislas. "Spherical aberration measurement of a microscope objective by use of calibrated spherical particles." Applied optics 56.16 (2017): 4766-4771. Used Ephel camera in experimental setup
2017 Jackson, Joshua Conrad, et al. "Beyond “birds of a feather”: A social inference approach to attachment-dependent grouping." Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 73 (2017): 216-221. Used Ephel camera in experimental setup
2016 Soria Guzmán, Irene, et al. "Ética hacker, seguridad y vigilancia." (2016). Describes Elphel hackability
2016 Pivoňka, Tomáš. Vizuální lokalizace pro experimentaci v mobilní robotice. BS thesis. České vysoké učení technické v Praze. Vypočetní a informační centrum., 2016. Used Ephel camera in experimental setup
2016 Valle Simon, Jennifer. Multi-view video acquisition with synchronized IP cameras. BS thesis. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2016. Used Ephel camera in experimental setup, developed code
2016 Joyce, Kenneth R., and Troy L. Brown. "Integrated aerial photogrammetry surveys." U.S. Patent No. 9,235,763. 12 Jan. 2016. Elphel Eyesis referenced 4 times in "Other publications"
2016 He, Shaojun, and Shawn Weisenburger. "Use of overlap areas to optimize bundle adjustment." U.S. Patent No. 9,247,239. 26 Jan. 2016. Elphel Eyesis referenced 4 times in "Other publications"
2016 Arnedo Blanco, Víctor. Creation of interactive 3D documents to support the setup process of machine tools. BS thesis. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2016. Used Elphel Development Blog : X3D assemblies from any CAD.
2016 Wang, Xiaogang, et al. "Infrared thermography coupled with digital image correlation in studying plastic deformation on the mesoscale level." Optics and Lasers in Engineering 86 (2016): 264-274. Used Ephel camera in experimental setup
2015 Li, Mingyang, et al. "Research and application of the personalized book search method based on user." Computer Science and Network Technology (ICCSNT), 2015 4th International Conference on. Vol. 1. IEEE, 2015. Mentions Elphel NC323 book scanning camera
2015 WANG, Xiaogang, Chao JIANG, and Xu HAN. "Plastic strain heterogeneity and work hardening of Ni single crystals." Acta Metall Sin 51.12 (2015): 1457-1464. Used Ephel camera in experimental setup
2015 Ribalda Delgado, Ricardo. "An innovative vision system for industrial applications." (2015). Compared Elphel and other cameras that allow "raw" access to the sensor data, not a "black box".
2015 Di Roberto, Riccardo, et al. "Optical payload for high-resolution Earth imaging suitable for microsatellites." Environment and Electrical Engineering (EEEIC), 2015 IEEE 15th International Conference on. IEEE, 2015. Tested Elphel camera suitability for Space applications
2015 Lemay, Lee C., Justin E. Gorgen, and Demoz Gebre-Egzhiabher. "System to use digital cameras and other sensors in navigation." U.S. Patent No. 9,031,782. 12 May 2015. Used Ephel camera in experimental setup
2015 Grässer, Christian, et al. "Enhanced position measurement systems and methods." U.S. Patent No. 9,182,229. 10 Nov. 2015. Elphel Eyesis referenced 4 times in "Other publications"
2014 Ansalone, L. U. I. G. I., and Fabio Curti. A Search Algorithm for Stochastic Optimization in Initial Orbit Determination. Diss. PhD Thesis, University of Rome “La Sapienza, 2014. Suggested NC353 on a micro-satellite
2014 Vialás Fernández, Simón. "Contenidos audiovisuales y licencias abiertas: una perspectiva desde la universidad." (2014). Mentions as open source cameras
2014 Reichenbach, Marc, et al. "Fast image processing for optical metrology utilizing heterogeneous computer architectures." Computers & Electrical Engineering 40.4 (2014): 1158-1170. Developed FPGA board compatible with Elphel NC353 camera
2014 Hoelzl, Ingrid, and Rémi Marie. "Google Street View: navigating the operative image." Visual Studies 29.3 (2014): 261-271. References Elphel cameras
2014 Голикова, Марина Алексеевна. "Электронная репрезентация текста как способ его хранения и обогащения." Текст. Книга. Книгоиздание 3 (7) (2014). Mentioned Elphel 323 camera
2014 Aijazi, Ahmad Kamal. 3D urban cartography incorporating recognition and temporal integration. Diss. Université Blaise Pascal-Clermont-Ferrand II, 2014. Describes Elphel cameras usage in GSV
2014 Frčka, Pavel. "Vyhledávání knih Google: analýza systému a jeho využití v České republice." (2014). Mentions Elphel 323
2014 López Márquez, Francisco Javier. "Sistema de visualización de flujos de vídeo en java en tiempo real." (2014). Mentions Elphel open source camera
2013 Schelev, Mikhail Ya, et al. "Examples of Streak Image Tube Application." Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics. Vol. 180. Elsevier, 2013. 99-164. Used Ephel camera in experimental setup
2013 Torres Moreira, Ángel Nicolás. Capture module for IP Elphel 353 cameras. Evaluation of performance. BS thesis. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, 2013. Project about Elphel camera
2013 Wang, X. G., and Jean-Francois Witz. "Investigation of grain-scale surface deformation of a pure aluminium polycrystal through kinematic-thermal full-field coupling measurement." ICF13. 2013. Used Ephel camera in experimental setup
2013 Sharma, Alok. "'Google Book and Copyright': A Critical Perspective." (2013). Referenced NC353 and NC323
2013 FINCH, GABRIEL. "LiVES: LiVES is a Video Editing System." Acknowledged
2013 Said, Yahia, et al. "Smart Camera Based on FPGA Oriented to Embedded Image Processing." Computers and Software (2013): 704. Referenced Elphel camera
2013 Morell, Mayo Fuster, et al. "Modelos emergentes de sostenibilidad de procomunes audiovisuales." Teknokultura 10.1 (2013): 131-153. Referenced Elphel camera
2013 ZAGOROVÁ, Marie. Sociální aspekty digitálních knihoven. Diss. Masarykova univerzita, Filozofická fakulta, 2013. Mentions Elphel 323
2013 Tomíšek, Jan. Právní aspekty služeb typu street view. Diss. Masarykova univerzita, Fakulta informatiky, 2013. Referenses Elphel (in relation to GSV)
2012 Reed, Richard, Susan Storrud-Barnes, and Len Jessup. "How open innovation affects the drivers of competitive advantage: Trading the benefits of IP creation and ownership for free invention." Management Decision 50.1 (2012): 58-73. Mentions as "open innovation"
2012 Ukwatta, Eranga, Jagath Samarabandu, and Mike Hall. "Machine vision system for automated spectroscopy." Machine Vision and Applications 23.1 (2012): 111-121. Used Ephel camera in experimental setup
2012 Alander, Jarmo T., et al. "A review of indocyanine green fluorescent imaging in surgery." Journal of Biomedical Imaging 2012 (2012): 7. Compares to other cameras
2012 Jophin, Shany, et al. "Gesture based interface using motion and image comparison." International Journal of Advanced Information Technology 2.3 (2012): 37. Mentions Elphel camera
2012 Abdelkafi, Nizar. "Open business models for the greater good–a case study from the higher education context." Die Unternehmung 66.3 (2012): 299-317. Mentions as high performance open design
2012 Blanchet, Clement E., et al. "Instrumental setup for high-throughput small-and wide-angle solution scattering at the X33 beamline of EMBL Hamburg." Journal of Applied Crystallography 45.3 (2012): 489-495. Used in experimental setup
2012 Strob, Miroslav, and Miroslav Strob. "Image Processing for Remote Visualization." Used in experimental setup
2012 Konya, Iuliu. "Adaptive methods for robust document image understanding." (2012). Shows image of Elphel 323 as a book scanning camera
2012 Bukin, V. V., et al. "Interferometric diagnostics of femtosecond laser microplasma in gases." Physics of Wave Phenomena 20.2 (2012): 91-106. Used NC313 in experimental setup
2012 Langevin, Ben Brand Kendra Brower Joe, and Jeffrey Le. "Autonomous Robotic Submarine." References Elphel tutorial
2012 Chen, Xing. Capturing fast motion with consumer grade unsynchronized rolling-shutter cameras. Diss. University of British Columbia, 2012. References Elphel wiki article about camera synchronization
2012 Merckel, Yannick. Experimental characterization and modeling of the mechanical behavior of filled rubbers under cyclic loading conditions. Diss. Ecole centrale de Lille, 2012. Used in experimental setup
2012 Σταματιάδης, Κωνσταντίνος. "A Study of Work Distribution in Open Source Software Projects." (2012). Elphel appears in open source projects study
2012 Perez, Marcelo Spalding. "Alice do livro impresso ao e-book: adaptação de Alice no país das maravilhas e de Através do espelho para ipad." (2012). Mentions Elphel 323 as a book scanning camera
2012 Murrell, Mary. The open book: digital form in the making. Diss. UC Berkeley, 2012. Describes Elphel cameras use in Google projects
2011 Bravo, Ignacio, et al. "Efficient smart cmos camera based on fpgas oriented to embedded image processing." Sensors 11.3 (2011): 2282-2303. References publication, describes as open software/open hardware
2011 Cazenave, François, et al. "DEVELOPMENT OF THE ROV SCINI AND DEPLOYMENT IN MCMURDO SOUND, ANTARCTICA." Journal of Ocean Technology 6.3 (2011). Uses Elphel multiple cameras in experimental setup
2011 Çelik, Harun. Karayolları etüt ve proje çalışmalarında mobil haritalama sistemlerinin kullanılabilirliği. Diss. Selçuk Üniversitesi Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü, 2011. Describes Elphel Model 313 and Model 333 cameras
2011 Giraldez, Dember Alexander. FPGA-aided MAV vision-based estimation. Diss. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2011. Used in experimental setup
2011 Botella Juan, Guillermo, et al. "Uso de hardware libre en el Máster de Formación del Profesorado de Secundaria (Especialidad Informática)." (2011). Described as Freee software open hardware under GNU/GPL
2011 Rugeles, Daniel, et al. "IVI Project: 3D Reconstruction of the human body using artificial vision." Selected Elphel camera for a 3D scanner
2011 Talvala, Eino-Ville Aleksi. The Frankencamera: building a programmable camera for computational photography. Stanford University, 2011. Used in experimental setup
2011 Malyutin, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich, Vitalii Alekseevich Podvyaznikov, and Viktor Konstantinovich Chevokin. "Density jumps in the plasma of a nanosecond laser-induced spark and their dynamics." Quantum Electronics 41.1 (2011): 38-42. Used in experimental setup
2011 Ahrendt, Peter, Torben Gregersen, and Henrik Karstoft. "Development of a real-time computer vision system for tracking loose-housed pigs." Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 76.2 (2011): 169-174. Used in experimental setup
2011 Малютин, Александр Александрович, Виталий Алексеевич Подвязников, and Виктор Константинович Чевокин. "Скачки плотности в плазме наносекундной лазерной искры и их динамика." Квантовая электроника 41.1 (2011): 38-42. Used in experimental setup
2011 Vialás Fernández, Simón. "Contenidos audiovisuales y licencias abiertas: Una perspectiva desde la universidad." Describes as open software/open hardware
2011 Adrian, Kevin, et al. "fakultät für informatik." (2011). Used in experimental setup and modified FPGA code in Elphel NC353
2011 Букин, Владимир Валентинович, et al. "Интерферометрическая диагностика фемтосекундной лазерной микроплазмы в газах." Труды ИОФАН 67 (2011): 3-31. Used in experimental setup
2011 Fogel, Aaron, and Billy Collins. "Три неверно атрибуированных текста, нью-эйдж и галактика Гутенберга: развивая Беньямина." References 323 as a camera for Google Books
2011 Giraud, Pierre-Amiel. "TERRITOIRES DU LIBRE." Describes Elphel as free cameras - both software and hardware
2010 Adams, Andrew, et al. "The Frankencamera: an experimental platform for computational photography." ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG). Vol. 29. No. 4. ACM, 2010. Used in experimental setup
2010 Levoy, Marc. "Experimental platforms for computational photography." IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications 30.5 (2010): 81-87. Used in experimental setup
2010 Ragsdale, Roy D., and Grant A. Jacoby. "Photo-trail: building eye-level-view enhanced navigation technology." Proceedings of the 7th IEEE conference on Consumer communications and networking conference. IEEE Press, 2010. Referenced Elphel publications
2010 Petrie, Gordon. "An introduction to the technology: mobile mapping systems." Geoinformatics 13.1 (2010): 32. Use of Elphel cameras in GSV
2010 Rugeles, Daniel, et al. "Proyecto IVI: Reconstrucción tridimensional del cuerpo humano mediante visión artificial." Selected Elphel camera for a 3D scanner
2010 Fleck, Sven, and Wolfgang Straßer. "Privacy Sensitive Surveillance for Assisted Living–A Smart Camera Approach." Handbook of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments. Springer, Boston, MA, 2010. 985-1014. Describes as a camera running Linux
2010 Tristancho, Joshua, et al. "A lunar explorer self-contained PicoRover." 38th COMMITTEE ON SPACE RESEARCH Scientific Assembly (2010). Used in experimental setup
2010 Ferreira, Edy. Types of market offers enabled by open source hardware. Diss. Carleton University, 2010.] Evaluated as an open software/open hardware company
2010 Reis, Fernando Filipe A. Gomes Silva. "IP Camera on FPGA with a Web Server." Described and referenced Elphel camera as high performance open software/open hardware.
2010 Dumazet, Sylvain. Modélisation de l'apparence visuelle des matériaux-Rendu Physiquement réaliste. Diss. Châtenay-Malabry, Ecole centrale de Paris, 2010. Mentions as an open source camera
2010 Urzelai, Aitor, et al. "economía abierta." (2010). Mentions as an open source camera
2009 Abdelkafi, Nizar, Thorsten Blecker, and Christina Raasch. "From open source in the digital to the physical world: a smooth transfer?." Management Decision 47.10 (2009): 1610-1632. Described Elphel as free software/hardware company
2009 Ukwatta, Eranga, and Jagath Samarabandu. "Vision based metal spectral analysis using multi-label classification." Computer and Robot Vision, 2009. CRV'09. Canadian Conference on. IEEE, 2009. Used in experimental setup
2009 김미향. "도서관 정보시스템 및 디지털콘텐츠 이용." (2009). Referenced model 323 camera
2009 Fernández Murcia, Enric, and Raúl Cuadrado Santolaria. "Implementation and verification of a Lunar mission subsystems." (2009). Used in experimental setup
2009 Kowalewski, Matthew G., and Scott J. Janz. "Remote sensing capabilities of the airborne compact atmospheric mapper." Earth Observing Systems XIV. Vol. 7452. International Society for Optics and Photonics, 2009. Used in experimental setup on Global Hawk