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Russia page 10349.Ru

Interface board.

  • serial port
  • 4 ports USB hub with 3 internal, 1 external USB ports
  • IDE port for the 1.8" hard drive with ZIF Flat cable
  • 2 socket for external usermade board
  • some points for soldering wires directly to board (from external board to 10349 for example), easy hardware developing.

Power description

It has DC-DC converter 3.3V->5V 1.5A. Each USB port has current limit to 300mA. Each port is overcurrent protected via USB power distributed systems. Use both IDE hard drive with USB devices can be overload Power over Ethernet equipment. Use external additional power injector.

Kit for Developers

  • for serial cable - connector A3B-6D-2C (Digi-Key) - 1 + half of AE9873-ND (Digi-Key) - 1
  • for internal USB sockets - AE10179-ND (Digi-Key) - 1
  • for additional boards connectors 3M5311-ND (thru-hole 2mm, Digi-Key) - 2
  • or for additional boards connectors 3M5309CT-ND (SMD, Digi-Key) - 2
  • blank PCB board V1255-ND (Digi-Key) - 1

Next revision

In new revision of this board we want use much more IDE interfaces.

* IDE port for a 2.5" hard drive
* IDE port for CompactFlash card
* IDE port a 1.8" hard drive with ZIF Flat cable
* SATA port

For make SATA port we can use IDE<->SATA bridge or soft IP core in a FPGA.

IDE-SATA bridges:

* JMicron [JM20330] (send email)
* Marvell [88i8030, 88SA8040] (need sign NDA, sucks)
* Silicon Image [SiI3611] (Available only through your local sales contact. send email)
* Atmel [AT78C5010] (Available only through your local sales contact. send email)
* ACARD [ARC-770]

Now I can`t found any datasheets for this. It`s a big secret of a company :(