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  • Digital Still Image / Video Network Camera NC353L-369-GEO (internal digital compass, SATA, USB, serial and trigger IO interface) + 5MPix CMOS sensor
  • Ocean Server digital compass (OS5000-US) module (installed inside camera enclosure)
  • Garmin (GPS 18) USB GPS receiver (external)
  • CS-mount to C-mount 5mm Adapter Ring
  • USB to Serial Converter, wired RJ45/DB9F Modular Adapter and modular 6P6C Crossed Cable
  • 48V DC Power Supply
  • Cat5 Patch cables, 3 ft & 15 ft
  • Set of Allen keys
  • Elphel Live USB (Kubuntu 12.04 LTS)
  • Camera Case

Lenses are optional and sold separately:

  • HH2Z0414C-MP: Computar Varifocal Lens, 4-8mm F1.4 Manual Iris Vari-Focal C-Mount, Megapixel (on the picture)
  • H3Z4518CS-MPIR: 4.5-13.2mm F1.8 Manual Iris Vari-Focal Lens CS-Mount, 3 MPix, Day/Night, IR

Optional memory cards:

  • 4GB/8GB Compact Flash cards - 1x

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