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Andrey N. Filippov has over 25 years of experience in the embedded systems design. Andrey holds a PhD in Physics from the Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology. He worked for the General Physics Institute (Moscow, Russia) in the area of high-speed high-resolution, mixed signal design, application of PLDs and FPGAs, and microprocessor-based embedded system hardware and software design. In 1995 Andrey moved to the United States and in 2001 started started Elphel, Inc. with the purpose of designing and manufacturing Open Hardware and Free Software Digital Cameras. His vision for the open devices is to outperform the proprietary ones and be the leader in the field of high-performance cameras.
As a lead engineer at Elphel Andrey has been designing and manufacturing digital cameras for variety of applications, including robotics, machine vision, aerial photography, document scanning, stereo and panoramic imaging. Camera designs include model NC323L camera for Google Bookscanning project and camera modules integrated into Google panoramic camera for Streetview. Universities around the world, Chinese Academy of Science Institute, NASA, National Laboratories, companies like Spawar and SpaceX are among the customers of cameras designed by Dr. Filippov and manufactured at Elphel, Inc.
Andrey writes about current projects on Elphel development blog.