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Alexandre G. Poltorak is a Free Software and GNU/Linux expert. He has founded his first FOSS company in Geneva, Switzerland in 1999, and since then he has formed many specialists within Free Software community and actively participated in He is also member of the board of LSM ( Alexandre has largely contributed in partnership network of professionals around FOSS creating new companies & products and has developed many new ideas.

Having an in-house experience of Elphel's hardware, Alexandre recently developed his own comprehensive product - 3D4π - a fully integrated panoramic & stereo-photogrammetry solution which enables creation of geo-referenced panoramas and 3D point-clouds based on Elphel Eyesis-4π & PHG camera series.

Alexandre's role, at Elphel, is to promote Elphel's business model, and to build up solid and productive relations with Universities, FOSS community & partner networks.

Hobbies: advanced knowledge in block chain technology and 22 years of practice in traditional Karate, Alexandre holds a 3rd Dan.