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10357 board is designed to provide a solid-state storage medium for 353/363-series cameras. It multiplexes the IDE bus (available from the 10353 board) between 4 master/slave pairs of CF cards configured to operate in IDE mode. With 8 of 16GB CF cards installed the 10357 board can provide 128GB of storage

On-board FPGA can be later configured to write data to several CF cards in parallel increasing the overall data rate.

In addition to the main function of CF storage 10357 can be also used for prototyping purposes. It has FPGA that is connected to auxiliary 30-pin connector and can be programmed by and can communicate with the software running on the main board. It has 4 groups of pairs of 50-pin headers, most pins are connected to individual FPGA pads and so can be programmed for a variety of I/O functions.